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tv   Cavuto  FOX Business  August 22, 2013 8:00pm-9:00pm EDT

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neil: welcome i am neil cavuto, they still have no idea what really brought trading in thousands of stocks to a hal today, hours after, no one has a clue, and statement that leaves more questions than answers, more in a second. that is all scary. one of the largest stock exchange in the world stopped, just stopped. we're supposed to be relieved it happpned when it did at lunchtime on a slow august day in new york. well, all right i guess. but i know this, it is weird, and unsettling. what you can't trade some of the biggest technology stocks on the planet, they are just sitting there, prices frozen in time, forget they are sitting ducks,
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if this keeps happening in our high-tech super fast trading word just duck. still so much we don't know, customers don't know if their orders got through and people in charge of the orders unable to tell us if they did. focus not on lawsuit that i am sure are coming but a very disturbing pattern hard to deny, this last week, washington post web site hacked, "new york times" news and web site down for hours, time sites, cnn cite, site, each hit all down, and we're supposed to be relieved when they get back up? i don't know if they are connected. but i can connection dots, our mightist media, and financial sites where we shop, read, and trade, stop on a dime, costing them a lot of dimes, millions in potential revenue prose en --
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frozen revenue because someone or something got in and messed it up. it slows trading on scores of other exchanges in chicago. in new york, and countless others. all high-tech prisoners of what is now told was a glitch. don't become forthed by act that trading in other market remain stable or treasury was looking into this. just remember, trillions of dollars in stocks, exchange traded funds and options stuck. just stuck. heart of capitalism inable to practice capitalism, sop oism sa glitch. to nicole on how nazdaq is reacting, a statement i can not understand. >> they said they figured out what the in 30 minutes but then went on for hours trying to get it back up
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and running. they became aware price quotes not disseminated by the security processor, this issue was resolved for remaining period of time, nazdaq and other exchanges, coordinated with each other to ensure an orderly reopening of nazdaq in listed securities, they spend the rest of the day making sure they don't mess up again, should we be relieved or moto mort fid. neil: it was not orderly by the way. and you come out with a statement that is huge on acronyms or you have a community that does not know the acronym or talk your wall street jargon, did they not get the memo it is
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about investors. >> and confidence in our market. you gave a slew of things that have been happening. you had a goldman sachs back issue with the trades and options. so, it happens, again, and again, and again, harvey pit, former sec chairman saying today what happened at nazdaq should not have happened. you have mary jo white talking abbut it and our vulner billy, really, it is great they got it back up and running, but at what cost? what about people who have all money weather it is $10 or $10 million or trillion, this is a big deal not to be able to access your stocks. neil: they were sloughing it off like what you are mere humans worried about? >> you had all exchanged coordinating and shuts down the particular shocks like apple,
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google and ebay and sysco, and nyse, direct edge and nazdaq shutting down those stocks, that great they were able to coordinate but now have you sec saying they will spin it forward, meet with market makers and figure out what can be done in a different manner. >> amazing. >> it made everyone nervous, and reorder, the reopening was not orderly, if was oh, 5, minutes, then 15 minutes 10 then tests. neil: you should never set a time and not open. you scare people all the more. >> and the ceos of the companies did not know what was going on who lost all money that was lost today. we're not hearing. neil: thank you, nicole, great reporting on this soap opera, in
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washington they are trying to find out what happened as well. and it could be a long 7 for answers, rich edison with the latest. you know washington has been debating cyber security for years, that discussion has intensified over the past year, and may pick up from here. officials briefed president obama. and mary jo white of push new standards are trading systems, today's interrupttion in trading of nonetheless serious, and should reinforce our collective commitment to addressing technological vulnerabilities, and jack lew, ensured market stability said he has been updated throughout the day. >> we've been aggressive on the cyber security front. promoting public private partisan to make sure that --
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partnership to make sure information sharing. and mediation methods are understand and deployable, sometimes there are system failures where machines break and they need to be fixed and up and running. >> fbi and congressional staffers were also monitors the trading halt. we had a number of hearings when it came to the flash crash a couple years ago. neil: better to call it a flash freeze than a flash crash. very good rich thank you. >> after the halt, get ready for the hit, damage to market confidence takes a longer time to come back. to nyse managing director. on what all exchange the must do now. on the need to calm investors, now. sheryl, i begin with you, that is first thing to be addressed.
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a lot of folks now don't know if their trades got through or they should get back in. i think this is one thing that people fear most. whether the technology is up to speed, and whether they will get zoomed when it isn't. >> well, i think you make a good point that is really frightened a lot of people. the nazdaq shut down, has really had people scared. for investors, and traders, stop puts are like crack, they have to keep checking, and reassuring themselves, when people -- can't check things get ugly, remember not to panic. but a lot of people are being cautious regular people. if a woman let's say her career is going great she may think twice about putting more money in the market, because if nameless, faceless saboteurs
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come in, to companies they think are rock solid. neil: todd, whether it gets to that extreme. whether it is safe or not. it has given i'm sure given some folks pause. a lot of friends say that nile, market was shut for 3 hours, what the heck, what do you say? >> we're in the real world, in '87, a quarrel committed suicide -- quarre squirrel committed su, and nazdaq was down for hours, if you take humans out. you won't have any more glitches, but then you don't have trading. neil: is this part of the issue? cedric, with you, humans have been taken out of trading equation, more electronic trading computerized trading,
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many argue it is faster and more efficient but it does provide a breeding ground for this sort of stuff, does it not? >> absolutely, one of the most important aspects of this is fact that it is not a completely human endeavor, and not completely a machine endeavor, any time you work with the systems there will be a situation where humans impact machines and machines impact the humans, in in case you have is the possibility at least, that a some kind of a malicious attack of tried on the nazdaq or somehow an insider got in and wreaked havoc on the machine, and that caused some real problems for the market. neil: there is a lottery don't know. but -- a lot we don't know. but, i remember that squirrel, some that went way out of control program trading that went amuck.
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but i do think still that they are th the exception rather than the norm. if it is a hacking incident. or like others we've seen of late, it calls into question, the security of almost every site out there and that we're target practice? what then? >> what then is right. i think that you are making a really good point about the information that is out there we keep telling our kids be careful what you put on the internet, once it is out there, it is out forever. when we think about our personal information going out and leaked or hacked or having this be of human design, someone men to mess it up -- minute to mess it up. that is a lot mersinister that
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makes people more frightened. neil: todd, you know this stuff in and out. you are the kind i sat behind to copy the test answers from. you are a genius, when i see nazdaq come out with a statement like, that it makes no sense. it reads like you know a report you get back from your radiologist after an mri, only thesthey can understand it. >> nazdaq does not top put out any -- does not want to put out any erroneous information. neil: this one just confused the hell out of everyone. >> they put it out, to market participants, whether they be the information system people. they understand what they are
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talking about. they have not put out the real reason. neil: seedic, that is what isome. maybe in this age, of surveillance abuse and the like that is why i partly more cynical than i normally would be, should i be? >> we have to be cynical in this case, the statement that nazdaq released did not make sense to me. neil: i feel better now. if it confused you, i'm fine with that. >> and basic thing is that we really have to get our arms around the cyber security issue even if this was not a cyber security incidents. we really have to think about how as a nation we deal with this issue, it could happen tomorrow again like it did today with the nazdaq. neil: thank you all very much. a pressing news night. at least, thank god for president obama. you heard me right.
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neil: this just in, i agree with something president obama proposed. i think that the president gets it on soaring college costs, pay for performance, kind of. he wants to rate them, using measures like tuition, graduation rais rates, he wantso compare them against their ear peers and if they are worth the dough from their parents. if they don't measure up they don't get federal aid orrat least as much federal aid.
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not perfect, but i like the idea of holding professors accountable as much as i like holding teachers accountable, the key is you are holding all college personnel accountable. 3r06inproving their worth to une sam, i am smitten, i am sure my friend pat buchanan is as well. what do you make of this. >> neil, you have gone rhino. are you serious my friend? you are going to rate the colleges and universities. who is going to do it, the department of education of barrack hussein obama, that is absurd. neil: do you want a rating system, based on cost per student leave the department of education out for a moment. >> graduation rais rates, i wena
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high school that was competitive, you took an exam to get in, i was told, one of three of you will not graduate. >> did you avoid being the one out of three? >> certain -- -- look, let me tell you, what is going to happen, you get department of education, you say, look. you are okay here on the cost, but we -- your program, your student body is not as diverse as we like it. neil: that is not part of it, that is a fire fear, i grant you every time will department mucks it up. but we have to do something about the soaring cost. >> i agree. neil: i don't think you should throw the baby or the young
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student out with the bath water. >> look, i am willing to give it a try, send to congress of united states, write rules and regulation where they deal only with finances and the rest. but some of this stuff, you know what obama does they get control of that money, then they ignore the regulations, barry goldwater say the, if you put money into federal regulation, federal control will follow, that is what is happening, you know. >> but, as i said, i don't think this is perfect, but i do think that i do know this much, every time you increase student aid or provide bigger college loans, colleges come back say, kids are covered for this we'll jack up the price, anything that throws that process down or polices it or has a rating or mean to address it is good. you should welcome it, this is efficiency for you. >> look, an example that i would
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agree with, they get pehl grants instead of all to school up front at beginning of semester give at half, at end of the semester if the kid gets through and not thrown out, i would agree with that, but other things in there they will do that are not good to be quite honest about it. neil: anything is better than what we have, pat. >> it is not -- look you -- look at gi bill, that the way to go you gave scholarship or voucher to the guy, you can take it to barber school or m.i.t., where you want to go, this is saying parenting who send their kids to school, and kids are not smart enough to be taken to the cleeners they need federal help, that is the premise of your argument. neil: no, i said we need a
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metric, his might not be perfect but it is the first attempt any of major politician to say this is out of control. we n standard to which to judge whether the increases are justified. here is where you are being a hater, not a believer. >> here is where i think you go, if individual have to borrow money from bank theyo it to bank -- owork e it to bank they watch more closely where they take it, you get a massive forgiveness of the loans, people go in there knowing they spend money they are not paying it back. that is why you have trillion dollars some of the debt is outstanding, i don't think that will deal with it. but i agree -- >> someone is blocking but that is fine, i want to you practice the word go-bama. >> the obama cavuto program is not getting through. neil: pleasure to see you.
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all you washington d.c. politician who forced walmart to pack up and leave after demanding to raise their minimal wage, guess what they did. guess where they took those job? you will never guess, ever.
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neil: well shop till you drop as long as you can deal with the heat, walmart prefers of heat of the nigeria. so guess what walmart is doing? seeking other locales out away out, like africa, where it is planning on 90 stores in a a continent that welcomes the retailer, john, does it make you
8:26 pm
love walmart more or less? >> makes me love it more, they will not be pushed around, dc does not' walmart with a 75,000 square foot rule, a big box rule, saying lowest wage employee can be $ 12.50 an hour, 50% higher than their competitors, a unfair advantage. and walmart said they wi and walmart said they will take their jobs elsewhere. politics has hurt the very people they claim they are trying to help. neil: i don't know when you are in jackson hole or heaven. >> he has the greatest back screens. neil: the light is shining in. mr. unger? >> we should probably acknowledge this is not first time walmart opened up stores overseas. neil: understood. but largest single commitment to a continent.
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>> i hope that angola and walmart will be blissfully happy. if they get walmart out of this country, let main street small businesses continue to exist and make a profit. neil: wait a minute. all those jobs that couldn't could have been there, you are happy to have them in africa! >> they are not going to africa. you know what is better, if they go tonighgo nigeria, walton famn have more money than 100% of the population. neil: you are a hater. are they chained to their cash registers? >> i don't go into walmart. neil: you don't. >> i subsidize them by being an american. neil: going to saks fifth avenue is okay though. okay you are a hater. now, fcc cracking down on ceo,
8:28 pm
this is, early stage, it wants to focus on the gap at banks between what the ceo is made and his minions are paid, is that the government's way of saying it is policing pay, and enforcing pay. >> for starters, they are not cracking down on ceo pay, they are requiring companies to report how this ceo's compensation stacks up. neil: what do you think that is to do? >> to give information to shareholders. neil: why do you think that is? you try to embarrass them to retreat the pay. >> with their -- >> that is policing pay. >> it is not. neil: really? >> do public companies not have to reveal. reveal. >reveal. neil: they do. >> whole foods limits their corporate executives to 19 times
8:29 pm
average employee. neil: but they get all of food free. i don't know that. >> don't make sh make me laugh m getting serious. most companies work as ceo at 300 plus. neil: what do you make of that? a step in the right direction. they are not ordering anything but i think they are. >> i think that is what they are trying to do, a disagree with mr. unger. they are trying to rein in pay, this is a shareholder issue. politicians for the most part have not run a business. there is a reason that derek jeter makes more than a reserve player. the guys are ceos for reasons, government should stay out of it. neil: he is reporting in heaven,
8:30 pm
you should listen to him. >> he is, i wish i was there fishing, derek jeter does not get paid 300 times. neil: like 500 times. >> no. you think it is going to embarrass them, if it is, is there something wrong. what do may have to be embarrassed about. >> why is the government trying to embarrass anybody. >> why are they embarrassing them. neil: you say stick to the ratio. >> if you are embarrassed you may want to think about why. neil: okay. i don't get you. all right. thank you. and nsa -- this is something, i don't know where rick comes out, nsa hits keep oncoming, we found out a court on to nsa abuses and warning them to cool it years ago, i'm talking years ago. to republican congressman to said enough, and moving to slap them down, now. ls,
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neil: drip, drip, stop, stop, congressman mike fitzpatrick had enough. congressman, is joining me now. what do you want to do?
8:34 pm
>> first thank you for keeping after the federal government that is you know violating the federal privacy laws as again our citizens. i want to did i'm taking stock in all i'm hearing become in our district work periods, in a lot of meetings, talking about a lot of things including this nsa program. i proposed is you know basically limit second 215 -- section 215 of patriot act and require nsa has specific and material facts on an intelligence target before they collect data. if the nsa then is found by a court, and i just heard you report a moment ago, another revelation came out of one of secret courts rebuking the nsa. neil: and that was years ago. >> so if nsa is found to have violated the law, we know there
8:35 pm
are 2 2776 separate intenses in one year along, they are defunded in that particular section. neil: he is make us more vulnerable to bad guys doing bad things, you say what? >> i think that federal government hopefully knows who the bad guys are doing the bad things. neil: but reason behind surveillance is, that is what is helping them do that. >> there are many constitutional tools avail t available it finde need to strengthen them and provide them but there needs to be proper oversight. not just judicial branch but congressional branch as well. you can make argument that federal government collected so much data, so much in information they are justin
8:36 pm
dated with this -- indicated with this, they can't keep the boston brothers from flying out of the country. we seem to be losing the forest from the trees, they need to be an articulatable standard. neil: i agree with our point. it seems to be so sweeping, and pervasive. you put it in a big database. that is a lot of terr terrabytei know it is a lot of big devices with our stuff they will have for safekeeping just in case. that is done, they are not giving that back. that is out there. so nothing in what you propose, congressman, could undo what they have done, right? >> it will make sure they understand that section 215 is
8:37 pm
amended and reined back in. neil: i understand and commend it. all i know about secret agents and groups is we can secretly find a way around this. we're on to something so secret we can't tell him or you, trust us we're on to it. >> that is the problem. most telling is comment from broker judiciary, who defended it. he has now come full circle, saying that secret agencies are interprets their authorizing a. way beyond the scope of what he envisioned when he wrote the act. we're at crossroads. we have to strike a new balance between this american constitutional right to privacy, and desire to ensure national security, we can figure this out. i am hearing back in
8:38 pm
pennsylvania, people believe that federal government collecting you know whether it is medical records under obamacare. financial transactions, credit card transactions. now these internet, and text-messages and phone data with the nsa programs is just too much instruction on the live -- intrusion upon the lives of individual, law abiding american citizens. neil: you are first i know trying to put a money connection here. between the efforts congressman thank you very much. >> thank you, neil. neil: all right, food fight or puke politics? why republicans are taking themselve apartment
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neil: it is still early, a gop firestorm is breaking out, even on our twitter feed, republican conditiocongressman, hand rand s growing and chris christie's is shrinking, g.o.p. fundraiser, noel, tweeting, we need more moderate g.o.p. people to attract the group we're lacking. to hear mainstream republicans tell it, this back and forth has to stop. george alan said that republicans need to focus on the winning issues that are going their way, like the health care that is imploding and big -overnment spending that is ex exploding, wants republicans to keep their eyes on the prize. always good to have you. is it getting past the pail? i tell you, i had these guys of vary types on my show, sniping
8:42 pm
back and forth. >> neil, i think that the people who are whether they are governor, senators in politicses should keep eyes and ears on the people, listening to the people. most people i talk to, and listen to, don't care to hear about spats from fellow republicans. what is most important that we do, i think as republicans, who want to change things and improve things is actually discuss, and inform and motivate people on our ideas and solutions that the improve their lives. neil: do you think that the whole survey le len thing blew , some see no middle ground, chris christie said keep it going, it keeps us safe, rand paul, said
8:43 pm
stop it we're compromising all we're about. there is no middle ground. >> that is fine. you know those are policy differences, there is a lot -- republican party is a broad and diverse party. you will not agree with everyone all of the time, as ronald reagan said, if anyone agrees with me 80% of the time is my friend. i think most republicans believe we ought to have lower taxes and greater opportunitying for jobs, most republicans believe that we ought to electric at blessings of our energy resources in this country to make our country more competitive. have lower fuel bills, lower electricity bills. i think most americans' americans to be the our country to be the work capital of innovation, and be able to compete with anyone in the world. you may have differences in how to get there but that is what ought to unite us, not just have republicans united. you need the independent voters as well.
8:44 pm
you can't just win with your own party. neil: i think what others say in this rush to win, because that is what it is about to paragraze chris christie, ron paul said you will compromise anything in the name of winning, you will say anything, do anything, then what do you really want. he is worried that republicans get into this, i know a hackney phrase, a rhino mentality, to get out and become democrat like with a stronger spending cut version. what do you say to that? >> i think you need to stand for something, or you will fall for anything. i do think that it is important that we advocate our ideas, and our principles. the take for example on energy, i think most americans, most republicans, some democrats, agree that keystone pipeline should be built, why not? why be vulnerable to hostile countries elsewhere if we are
8:45 pm
going to import oil let's get it from a friend and neighbor canada. most republicans agree we need a more simple fair tax code that does not have businesses in or country taxed worse and higher than any other in the world. i think most republicans will be on side of freedom and opportunity for all account builty in government, balanced budget amendments. neil: the big picture is stuff you think that most republicans agree. but, they have little time to be agreeable? >> the point is, what republicans ought to do is get together say, what can we agree on. take healthcare for example, what are our ideas? we want small businesses and individuals. neil: i don't meend to jump on you, see what you are saying. there is a lot more to agree on. all right. >> it is fine to have disagreements but unite and put forward ideas that will persuade
8:46 pm
americans we have the right ideas for the future. neil: governor thank you. well you know that healthcare law is costly, now it is getting creepy. right now, 7 years of music is being streamed. a quarter million tweeters are tweeting. and 900 million dollars are changing hands online. that's why hp built a new kind of server. one that's 80% smaller. uses 89% less energy. and costs 77% less. it's called hp moonshot. and it's giving the internet the room it nds to grow. this&is gonna be big. hp moonshot. it's time to build a better enterprise. together.
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neil: just think whole healthcare law is getting creepy. daily mail respects that emergence of healthcare police force to crackdown on companies not going along, reportedly hires investigators to seek out employers either violating healthcare law or ignoring it.
8:50 pm
carl palomino said this is just latest big brother insult. >> creepy. intrusion. i have a business, i amy 500 people, i have a few onny health care, what if fall betweens the cracks, i have, boom, boom, obama police, are you hiring a employee in here, what is this about? neil: you think that republicans are just folding on this? or ignoring it. >> i think they are having an identity crisis. neil: what would you do on health care thing? >> i would stand right up to them, i mean. neil: would you defund it? >> absolutely. neil: what if there are no votes, would you attach it on a
8:51 pm
shut down of government as ted cruz wants to do. >> why not, you will gain respect of the real people. they know they did to before, he will cut off military, and social security, that is nonsense, okay, he is not cetting them off -- cut them off, you don't have to. but, cutting off government services, we'll put up with that to get rid of this. 86 new criminal investigators. neil: 1/2 gators help to -- navigators help you sign up for this which means they have information on your healthcare to see if it worth your while. >> on this big computer center in utah, what are they doing with this information. neil: they are not skiing a guess. >> having your he'll carr healtf on top of it we're trying to run a business, how do you run a
8:52 pm
business, how do you do that with the burdens and regulations. it is so burdensome. for young people or people with a entrepreneurial spirit to think about going out, creating jobs and helping people along in their community and build their community. this kind of thing like obamacare is disheartening. neil: do you are that, you are very passionate about this. but, i wondered thinking about you, know you were coming here, what if you and that thinking will never be in the majority. >> that is okay with me, that is a balance. right now, we lost balance, we're pushed over that. neil: if you are religated to the sidelines and that passion in the party, and republican party religated to sidelines, i
8:53 pm
raise a point with you i raised with george alan, is it really down to try to get along? that everyone has to get on the same page? do you think that republicans should have a big philosophical fight. >> i think there is reasonable compromise, i do not think of myself as a far to the right conservative. neil: you are a successful billion ai air -- billion air businessman who knows a thing or two about spreadsheets, why do you get dismissed? >> we're a very blood state, in any other gate i would have been elected governor, but in new york, california we have got, we -- >> you did pretty well up state. >> i did very well. neil: do you think that is why republicans are leary? they don't -- they are afraid to challenge the status quo, because if they go too far,
8:54 pm
press the rake them over the colds. >> they found by being comp less it with other side, they found they can get something for themselves. that is the way i look at it. neil: carl, always good having you. one thing i love about carl, he made his millions in buffalo. that is first thing a lot would do is leave buffalo, not carl, still there. still shovelling snow. 10 months of the year. all right, when woe come back, abercrombie & fitch, life is a bitch, did you really think that attacking fat people would not cost you a bundle? fat chance. my mantra?
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and sell if you cannot buy or sell? the nasdaq was grounded to a halt as securities were stock in a trading the "twilight" zone this leads off a blitz whether jonathan has confidence in the market now that this has happened again? >> anytime the nasdaq goes down three hours it undermines the confidence in the trading system. i guess they've drawn vacation and could not get the system back up anb are department was on vacation as well because there was no announcement that i heard. if your a money manager that is disheartening if you are the average investor with the diversified portfolio or the structure product over time it does not bother you at all but having that nasdaq down the comments they made.
8:58 pm
>> i did not understand any of that but i do understand but hacking is more common should investors be larry? >> if they were the stock market was higher during the nasdaq which it was unprecedented but it was a glitch and people forget. >> three hours. >> 1960's the market would shut just down on wednesday. >> remember "gilligan's island"? it was a three hour tour. >> i don't think the shakes confidence unless it is another market regulation. >> but the other side is the customer's if you mess with that like abercrombie and fitch that people apparently
8:59 pm
are not shopping al the revenue drops 33 percent last quarter alone is it too much? >> you are so bitter they don't have anything that could fit you. >> be quiet my skinny little man. >> i wouldn't but with all retailers. >> i am done with you. would you buy or sell? >> when this deal makes fine of most of the population. >> not jonathan. [laughter] >> he is obviously in great shape but most of the population isn't in the markets to most of the population then your earnings are down and the stock price is down with the
9:00 pm
overall economy. retail in general is down. >> i wish we had more time consulting could not happen to a worse company. to >> tonight we expose the myth of complete stupidity u politicians tell us whatwe c food we can eat.e >> what business is it of yours what i put in my body? >> we are told diffracting will poison thein water but it is good. also because stupid people do this, these people lose their jobs?il? should government